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Protests outside the 2008 Democratic National Convention and photos of the last day from within the Convention. For more recent photos of protests, demonstrations, and rallies, see the "In Your Face!" gallery and the galleries in the Photojournalism section.
Anti-War Protest 1Anti-War Protest 2Anti-War Protest 3Code PinkBlue helmetsUnlawful CombatantsCrowd ControlGirl with a red bannerOn the 16th Street MallLevitating the Denver Mint 1Levitating the Denver Mint 2Levitating the Denver Mint 3Police in Riot Gear 1Police in Riot Gear 2Police in Riot Gear 3Fat anti-GLBT DemonstratorOld anti-GLBT DemonstratorAl Gore SpeaksWoman with FlagBarack Obama Accepts

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