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Images from the Denver protest scene from the rise of the Tea Party to the demolition of the two Occupy Denver tent cities. Photos of the Recreate-68 demonstrations and the police response are in the "2008 Democratic National Convention" gallery. For more recent photos, see the galleries in the Photojournalism section.
Tea Partier and Counter-demonstrator 1Tea Partier and Counter-demonstrator 2Tea Party Rally Counter-demonstrator9/11 "Truthers"Tea Partier and Counter-demonstrator 3Anti-War DemonstratorColumbus Day 1Columbus Day 2Anti-Police Brutality MarchBikerWeak TeaAnti-Police Brutality ProtesterRespect for All People Rally 1Respect for All People Rally 2Anti-Police Brutality MarchAnti-Police Brutality ProtesterPolice arrest protestorPolice and Protestors ScuffleColumbus Day Parade ProtestOccupy Denver at the State Patrol press conference

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